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20 April 2021
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President 2020-2021

Warren Poehler 
I've been married to Diane for 53 years and we have two children and two grandaughters. Diane and I moved to NZ from the USA in 2016. Before that we spent 11 years here in New Plymouth in the 1980's. I am a retired military officer and engineer, a teacher, a head of school and have owned a B&B in Rhode Island USA.  I have been a Rotarian since 2006.
Guests this week were
John & Carol Winter
March & April Birthdays
Noel King ~ 18 March
Mel Cook ~ 19 March
Gloria O'Dowd ~3 April
Donald McIntyre ~ 10 April
March & April
Wedding Anniversaries
Tracey & John ~ 09.03.02
Brian & Adrienne ~ 30.03.74
Noel & Rose ~ 17.04.71
Joined Rotary in March & April
Mel Cook ~ 02.04.96
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”Always be looking forward, you can never plan the future dwelling in the past.”
I'm sorry you haven't received a bulletin for a few weeks. I have had laptop issues but hopefully that is all sorted now.
I hope you are enjoying reading the weekly bulletin. If you have any ideas on how we can improve on it please let me know and I would be very happy to implement if possible.
Some weeks we have little to no photos to include in the bulletin and when this happens I was thinking it would be nice if you would like to have a section for personal photos. Photos of perhaps personal projects, family celebrations, holidays and trips etc. This way we can all learn more about each other.  If you have photos you would like to include please email to me at
MEETING NOTES 30 March 2021:
The meeting was brought to order at 6:00 pm by Warren Poehler.
PRESENT: Twelve members and guests Steve Ruru and Kere Ells were present.
APOLOGIES: Stuart, Grant, Tracey, Graham Meades and Leanne
TOAST: May we raise our glasses to toast to our guest Steve Ruru, Chief Executive Taranaki Regional Council and Kere Ells Chairman New Horizons Aoteroa.
GRACE: May our Lord bless this meeting and the food we are about to eat. Help us to be wise enough to be able help those around our community and the World who need our help--Amen
MENU: Apricot chicken, mixed vegetables, creamy garlic potato bake, with chocolate eclairs and custard for dessert.
Warren and Diane were unhappy to be leaving. Warren is amidst packing boxes and working out details of the move back to the USA. Diane was happy to be celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary on the day they leave on May 6. Warren was sporting his Inglewood Primary School hoodie he got from their experience tutoring there.
Jim Callahan has been wallpapering and has found success in the job.
Jim Shepherd has been making particular effort to stop at all stop signs and avoid using his cell phone while driving.
Brian had planned to make a trip to Hamilton for a medical reason, but aborted, so had a good time at Hamilton Gardens and re-met a fellow in Te Awamutu he had heard as a speaker at a previous event in Wellington.
Noel and Rose just celebrated 50 years of marriage.
Gloria and Bill are happy Bill’s biopsy is clear, the results having been misplaced for three weeks at the lab.
Graham Drake had a short hike to the Waingongoro hut on the mountain. Unfortunately, the hut became very “chummy” with 36 people overnight in the hut designed for 16.
Kere Ell spoke about the New Horizons Program at Inglewood Primary School. He thanked the Club for the volunteers last year, Diane, Warren, and Gloria in Term 3 2020. Gloria, Jim C, Noel and Rose will be volunteering in term 2 2021.
Gloria is planning Pink Ribbon events for the fourth week of May. 29 May will be the BBQ day with raffles running up to it. Planning is ongoing.
Donald offered that the John Deere Museum will be opening and that he contacted Barry Bishop to see if we could visit at some point. There is a $150 per visit to be organized for the future.
ANZAC Day Services will be on 25 April assembling at 5:45 am with the service at 6:00 am. Gloria has ordered a wreath and Warren will place it on behalf of the Inglewood Rotary Club.
Mel will attempt to get RYPEN students to speak at the 27 April meeting next week.
Mel spoke to the value of contributing to The Rotary Foundation, and more specifically Centurion Membership, individually and as a Club. Club contribution enhances our opportunity towards success in obtaining District grants for our future projects. There is an effort towards Clubs becoming a Centurion Club this year of the 100 year anniversary. Six of our members are Centurion Members by contributing $100 per year. We would like to meet our goal of $100 per member by contributing the full $1700 for 2020-2021.

The Inglewood Rotary Club has now achieved the Rotary Presidential Award for 2020-2021.

Donald introduced:

Steve Ruru, Chief Executive, Taranaki Regional Council

spoke to the Club regarding his background, council activities and procedures. He came from the Waikato, has spent a lot of time recently in Invercargill, but now lives in Lepperton. The Council has overall control of the three smaller district councils, who have administration of their areas: New Plymouth, Stratford and Hawera.
The council is very interested in clean waterways, stormwater, drinking water and wastewater with programs, study and projects to manage these resources. Management of riparian and hill-country areas with protection of native species. The Three Waters Project is specifically around drinking water, stormwater and wastewater. It is recognized that $150-200 billion will be needed in investment towards this infrastructure in the next 30 years.
They recognize the need to upgrade infrastructure of roads and bridges as well. There are 150 bridges that need to be upgraded in the region.
He anticipates a great deal of open debate in the next few years over how resources must be raised and allocated towards specific needs of our infrastructure.
ROTTO DRAW: Number 4 not sold
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.
Members News:
Message from Leanne - Larger tupperware or storage containers wanted.
I've been busy filling requests for family size meals for a number of organisations and could really do with some large containers with lids (bigger than an icecream container) that I can freeze large family meals into then give them away. Anyone have anything suitable cluttering up their cupboard they'd like to give away?
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Tuesday 3 August - Members Only Night
O'Dowd, Gloria
Shepherd, Jim
What I've been up to:
Callaghan, Jim
Parting thought:
Meads, Graham
Tuesday 10 August 2021 - Joan Gaines – Citizens Advice Bureau
O'Dowd, Gloria
King, Noel
What I've been up to:
Walsh, Kevin
Parting Thought:
Shepherd, Jim
Tuesday 17 August: Jean & David Powell – Meals on Wheels in Inglewood
O'Dowd, Gloria
McGregor, Brian
What I've been up to:
Twaddle, Stuart
Parting Thought:
Drake, Graham
Tuesday 24 August 2021 - TBC
O'Dowd, Gloria
McIntyre, Donald
What I've been up to:
Cook, Mel
Parting Thought:
King, Noel
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