Inglewood Rotary Club
Taranaki, New Zealand 9940
15 June 2021
Weekly Bulletin

Tonights Acting President

Noel King

Guests this week were
Fred King
Apologies from Tracey Rees, LeAnne Blakelock, Bill O'Dowd, Stuart Twaddle, Warren Poehler, Diane Poehler and Grant Irwin.
June & July Birthdays
Grant Irwin ~ 12 June
Adrienne Mac ~ 18 June
Linda McIntyre ~ 5 July
June & July
Wedding Anniversaries
Donald & Linda ~ 02.06.60
Gloria & Bill ~ 24.06.89
Graham & Jennie ~ 14.07.62
Joined Rotary in June & July
Stuart Twaddle ~ 01.07.90
Warren Poehler ~ 12.07.06
Graham Meads ~ 25.07.67
Kevin Walsh ~ 26.07.16
Jim Shepherd ~ 27.07.76
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Gloria– a series of questions on the animal kingdom.
Donald – Donald and Linda had accepted an invitation to attend anniversary celebrations at the Livestock Improvement facility in Hamilton recently. Members learned of the advances in herd improvement through the LIC breeding program. 
Jim Shepherd - As I hurtled through space, one key thought kept crossing my mind, very part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder...... John Glen
I hope you are enjoying reading the weekly bulletin. If you have any ideas on how we can improve on it please let me know and I would be very happy to implement if possible.
Some weeks we have little to no photos to include in the bulletin and when this happens I was thinking it would be nice if you would like to have a section for personal photos. Photos of perhaps personal projects, family celebrations, holidays and trips etc. This way we can all learn more about each other.  If you have photos you would like to include please email to me at
MEETING NOTES 15 June 2021:
MEMBERS PRESENT:                    
10 members present - at the Fern Lodge (Top Pub) as water had flooded Rotary House as a result of the roofing project and the heavy rain for two days over the weekend. Rotary House was unfit to occupy so a hastily arranged meal meeting at the Top Pub was a great solution. And great hamburgers!
GUEST PRESENT:               
Fred King is Noel's older brother and had served his working career in the NZ Police Force based in Wellington. Fred and Noel have two other brothers and grew up in Tarata. Fred is retired and he and wife Sharon moved back to Inglewood four years ago and Sharon works at Marinoto. As Chatham House Rules applied, not all of what Fred spoke on could be reported............
Fred attended Waitara High School, admitted to being lazy, unmotivated and not interested in anything other than girls and motorbikes, left school to work in the Waitara freezing works earning $100 per week, when his mates were earning $19 a week at the TSB Bank. In 196 graduated as a police constable having trained at Trentham and was posted to being a driver based out of Wellington Central Police Station. Enjoyed walking the beat and met his future wife on Willis St as she and friends were out partying when student nurses. Fred then moved to Incident Cars and recalls an incident at Cannons Creek where an offender was holding an infant hostage at knifepoint. Control Room Despatching came next and Fred enjoyed that as he was right in the centre of everything that happened during a watch, covering Wellington Central to Lower Hutt and Porirua. In the late 1970's was promoted to CIB training and became a detective, initially recovering and identifying stolen vehicles, with his speciality being motorbikes. In 1981 was deployed during the Springbok Tour usually in plain clothes and was at Athletic Park at the top of the Millard Stand watching for snipers in the nearby trees and bush. After 21 years Fred was awarded a Good Conduct Medal, which Fred passed around for members to see along with other mementoes of his time in the police. Gloria thanked Fred for his fascinating story and look back for many of us at familiar times and events.
Mel - people are happy that we will be getting a traffic light-controlled crossing on Rata St at the Purple Dairy. Announced today at the Community Board meeting.
Jim C - very happy with the new lens he has had surgically implanted into his right eye - flowers outside his kitchen have petals and his TV is finally in focus.
Jim S - sad dollar at the sad state of State Highway 3 south of Inglewood, more like a goat track?
Roofing project has slowed due to the weather and water ingress is a major issue.
Gloria proposed that we have a Club visit to Waitara on the 14th July for their Changeover Night. Members agreed that it was a good idea.
                        22 June -   Leanne Blakelock
                        29 June – Changeover – possible zoom connection to Warren and Diane and Stuart
ROTTO:          Not drawn tonight.
Members News:
Leanne - Would still like to purloin some larger tupperware or storage containers, if anyone has any spare?
LeAnne needs them for helping families who need a leg up with some soup, casseroles and various food parcels.
Club Photo Album:
Above : Fred King exhibiting his 1970's Police Helmet
Below: members enjoying a some fine Top Pub cuisine.......
Meeting Responsibilities:
Tuesday 29 June 2021 - Robert Green - Taranaki Heritage Month
King, Noel
Cook, Mel
What I've been up to:
O'Dowd, Bill
Parting Thought:
Meads, Graham
Tuesday 6th July 2021 - President's Changeover night
King, Noel
Irwin, Grant
The year ahead:
O'Dowd, Gloria
Parting Thought:
O'Dowd, Bill
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