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10 August 2021
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Gloria O'Dowd

I was born in Woodville and schooled in Taranaki at Tarata, Egmont Village and Inglewood High Schools.  I went to Australia in 1979 for my big OE and met Bill and we married in 1989. I spent 14 years working for an International Manufacturing company in Sydney, in the Customer Service and order department.  I was the Customer Service Manager for 7 years. After this Bill and I ran our own retail business on the Central Coast of NSW for 19 years.  I had by this time spent 36 years living in Australia and we decided it was time to retire and in 2015 returned to New Zealand leaving behind our grown up children. We have 5 children between us, 12 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  All of them live in the Australian states of New South Wales and South Australia.  I have been a Rotarian since August 2006.
Guests this week were 
Joan Gaines
from Citizens Advice Bureau, New Plymouth
I hope you are enjoying reading the weekly bulletin. If you have any ideas on how we can improve on it please let me know and I would be very happy to implement if possible.
Some weeks we have little to no photos to include in the bulletin and when this happens I was thinking it would be nice if you would like to have a section for personal photos. Photos of perhaps personal projects, family celebrations, holidays and trips etc. This way we can all learn more about each other.  If you have photos you would like to include please email to me at
August & September Birthdays
Bill O'Dowd ~19 August
Jim Callaghan ~ 25 August
Jim Shepherd ~ 25 August
Rose King ~ 30 August
Stuart Twaddle ~ 9 September
Karen Walsh ~ 26 September
Brian McGregor ~ 27 September
 August & September
Wedding Anniversaries
Joined Rotary in August & September
Diane Poehler ~ 04.08.20
Gloria O'Dowd ~ 05.08.06
Donald McIntyre ~ 10.08.10
17 August
Jean & David Powell – Meals on Wheels in Inglewood
24 August
Indoor Bowling at Rotary House after meeting.
Sunday 29 August
BBQ at The Warehouse Bell Block 9-3 for Youth Projects
31 August - TBA
7 September
Graham Walker re Rotary Clubs Bangers to Bluff fundraiser for MS
APOLOGIES: LeAnne, Mel, Jim C, Tracey, Stuart, Warren, Diane
GUESTS PRESENT: Joan Gaines – Citizens Advice Bureau
TOAST: NZ and Rotary International
GRACE: Gloria
MENU: Fish & Potato Pie, Cauliflower & Pea in white sauce, Herb bread.  Fruit Salad & Ice cream
Noel – Sad passing of one of the indoor Bowlers found deceased on Mountain
Jim S – Winners – New Zealand 42km Olympic Marathon runner did a fantastic job just finishing
Donald – Good to have a couple of fine days
Brian – Amazing Chinese Basketballer that was so small
Alcohol Wipes now in stock – who will we give them too? Members to think about this.  Gloria will bring some bags and they will be sorted and marked at the meeting on the 24th August.
DG Visit  is coming for a week to Taranaki but Tuesday night he will be receiving the Taupiripiri (talking stick) from NP West.  Are we prepared to attend as a club at Waitara to share and hear DG Mark Wheeler on Wednesday 22nd September instead of meeting at Inglewood on 21st September – car pooling will again happen. Members present were happy to attend at Waitara. Gloria to advise Kay and Cheryl.
BBQ Roster for 29th August at The Warehouse Bell Block being sent around tonight.  Still a few spots to be filled.  Those that didnt attend tonight please text or call to go on the roster.
CUE Theatre and Dinner night has now been changed to Tuesday 2nd November due to Inglewood Dramatic Society changing dates.  More information will follow.
VALE:  Roy Lithgow – Stratford Rotary Club.
Speaker tonight was Joan Gaines
from Citizens Advice Bureau, New Plymouth.
A volunteer at CAB for 17 years and a speaker for 3 years. CAB has been going for 50 years and there are 30 branches across New Zealand.
The NP office is open 6 hours a day with 2 people and 2 shifts. Available services are  lawyers, JP, Immigration matters specialists, language services, Interpreters but a new computer system and with thorough training of volunteers a lot of matters are solved without further assistance.
Joan focused on 3 topics of interest:
Powers of Attorney  Enduring Guardian and POA Financial Aged Care & Retirement Villages – a lot of work is currently being done in this area as there has not been a spokesperson appointed in Parliament to deal with this.  Lots of changes coming for the better and many things to consider before signing up.
Fair Trading Act – Repair – Replace – Refund. These are the 3 rules that Fair Trading use.  Businesses cannot force you to take a voucher.  Extended warranties have no more standing than a general consumer warranty – just a money making scheme. CAB are funded generally by grants from NPDC – Toi Foundation and their building also has rooms to rent out for meetings to help self finance their costs.
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Noel tested us on NZ Olympic Medal winners recently in what sports and some older olympian greats
Kevin told us of his weekend just past of doing a 22km Marathon with Karen in Rotorua.  They were just cruising in at 3hrs 45 mins approx and Kevin came in 3rd in the mens. Holidaying in the South Island for 2 weeks in campervan.  In Westport when storms hit  and got stuck in one place for 3 day but got favourable weather after that and went down west coast, and Mt Cook, Glaciers.  Total of 3600 km over 15 days.  Building work “Noahs Ark” going well.
Jim S
 They say with age comes wisdom so therefore I don't have wrinkles I have wise cracks.
Club Photo Album:
Stuart Send through a funny little video which Gloria has asked me to share with you. Please click on the link below to view.
Meeting Responsibilities:
If for any reason you are unable to do your meeting duty please inform that evenings host & look to find a replacement please.
Tuesday 14 December - Last meeting of the year. Christmas at Vertical Horizons.
O'Dowd, Gloria
Blakelock, LeAnne
What I've been up to:
Irwin, Grant
Parting Thought:
McGregor, Brian
Tuesday 18 January 2022 - BBQ Venue TBC
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