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9 March 2021
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President 2020-2021

Warren Poehler 
I've been married to Diane for 53 years and we have two children and two grandaughters. Diane and I moved to NZ from the USA in 2016. Before that we spent 11 years here in New Plymouth in the 1980's. I am a retired military officer and engineer, a teacher, a head of school and have owned a B&B in Rhode Island USA.  I have been a Rotarian since 2006.
Guests this week were
John Rees & Rose King
March & April Birthdays
Noel King ~ 18 March
Mel Cook ~ 19 March
Gloria O'Dowd ~3 April
Donald McIntyre ~ 10 April
March & April
Wedding Anniversaries
Tracey & John ~ 09.03.02
Brian & Adrienne ~ 30.03.74
Noel & Rose ~ 17.04.71
Joined Rotary in March & April
Mel Cook ~ 02.04.96
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Pope Francis upon his visit in the Middle East this week: “Hope is more powerful than hatred and peace is more powerful than war.”
I hope you are enjoying reading the weekly bulletin. If you have any ideas on how we can improve on it please let me know and I would be very happy to implement if possible.
Some weeks we have little to no photos to include in the bulletin and when this happens I was thinking it would be nice if you would like to have a section for personal photos. Photos of perhaps personal projects, family celebrations, holidays and trips etc. This way we can all learn more about each other.  If you have photos you would like to include please email to me at
MEETING NOTES 9 March 2021:
The meeting was brought to order at 6:00 pm by Warren Poehler.
PRESENT: Twelve members and two guest were present APOLOGIES: Stuart, Grant, LeAnne, Bill, Kevin
TOAST: May we raise our glasses to toast to Graham’s gift of M&M’s and the potato harvest.
GRACE: May our Lord bless this meeting and the food we are about to eat. We pray for comfort for those who are not well and for the recovery of the World from COVID19, particularly our friends: Stuart, Grant and Bill.  --Amen
MENU: Savory mince with chive and sour cream potato bake with rhubarb and apple crumble--Excellent as usual!
Mel reported that RYPEN will have between 36 and 40 attendees for the weekend 26-28 March. Negotiating with the bus company to return the students on Sunday. Speakers are arranged for the two-nights, A male and a female will be needed for both nights.
Mel reported that the new roof construction will start within the month. Mel will be signing a contract with the architect.
Warren and Diane have restarted tutoring at Inglewood Primary School for the term.
Jim Shepherd reported on the success of the Americarna parking project. Over 400 cars were in town. Many thanks to those helping with the parking.
Warren reported the BBQ for Americarna earned $580. Many thanks to those helping, especially Graham Drake, Tracey and Diane helping much of the day.
Jim Shepherd reported the approximate bottom line for the Charity Car Show. Funds were allocated and approved for distribution to the Helicopter Trust and Land Rescue, with the checks to be given at a meeting on 13 April. Motion by Mel and second by Gloria. Mel and Gloria will contact the recipients.
The Lions Club has accepted our challenge on 23 March for the Small Bore Trophy. We won in 2019 and 2020 was COVIDed out while we held the trophy. Gloria will see to the engraving of our badge on the trophy for 2019.
The rates of the hall rental were discussed and rates will be reviewed and raised after the upgrade of Rotary House, due to start soon. A current rental rate was raised to $50 per day as their numbers and duration have increased. A deposit will be asked for this renter. An online booking scheme will be considered.
With Warren leaving to the USA for an indefinite time at the end of April the matter of the Presidents Elect was discussed. Noel will be President for May and June 2021. Gloria is President-Elect for 2021-2022. Mel is President-Elect for 2022-2023.
We need to consider how we may fund the $1100 remaining to meet our goal for foundation giving. Completing this goal would result in a Presidential Citation. Foundation giving can result in funds available for a future grant. How we might fund this will be considered soon.
GREAT POTATO JUDGING: This meeting was for the Great Potato Judging. Teams presented their harvests. Each member received their prize for their particular feature in the judging. Best overall supreme harvest was awarded to John with Brian as the runner-up. Tracey had the most potatoes with Linda as the runner-up. Jim Callahan was the closest guess for weight with Warren the runner-up. Noel and Rose had the closest number guess with Mel the runner-up. Stuart had the biggest potato. Jim Shepherd, Gloria and Grant had consolation prizes. Each team had social events around the potato harvests. Contributions were made. The potatoes will be delivered to the food bank on Friday by Noel.
The hospital has still been unable to do a biopsy for Bill.
Tracey and John just had their 20th anniversary this week.
ROTTO DRAW: Number 19 won by Bill.
15 March (Monday) 1730 Taranaki Networking Meeting
16 March Regular Meeting DP Ben Horne Inglewood High School
23 March Great Lions - Rotary Shootout
18-20 March District Conference
26-28 March 2021 RYPEN 2021
30 March John Winter - ROMAC/Interplast
6 April Regular Meeting Janet Francesco Rock Painting
13 April Regular Meeting Presentationsto Helicopter Trust and Land Search and Rescue
20 April Regular Meeting Steve Ruru TRC (Donald ‘s guest)
27 April President Warren’s Last Meeting
4 May Regular meeting TBD
11 May Regular Meeting with dinner from Funk Fish
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm.
Members News:
Message from Leanne - Larger tupperware or storage containers wanted.
I've been busy filling requests for family size meals for a number of organisations and could really do with some large containers with lids (bigger than an icecream container) that I can freeze large family meals into then give them away. Anyone have anything suitable cluttering up their cupboard they'd like to give away?
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If for any reason you are unable to do your meeting duty please inform that evenings host & look to find a replacement please.
Tuesday 3 August - Members Only Night
O'Dowd, Gloria
Shepherd, Jim
What I've been up to:
Callaghan, Jim
Parting thought:
Meads, Graham
Tuesday 10 August 2021 - Joan Gaines – Citizens Advice Bureau
O'Dowd, Gloria
King, Noel
What I've been up to:
Walsh, Kevin
Parting Thought:
Shepherd, Jim
Tuesday 17 August: Jean & David Powell – Meals on Wheels in Inglewood
O'Dowd, Gloria
McGregor, Brian
What I've been up to:
Twaddle, Stuart
Parting Thought:
Drake, Graham
Tuesday 24 August 2021 - TBC
O'Dowd, Gloria
McIntyre, Donald
What I've been up to:
Cook, Mel
Parting Thought:
King, Noel
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