Inglewood Rotary Club
Taranaki, New Zealand 9940
29th June 2021
Weekly Bulletin

Tonights Acting President

Noel King

Guest speaker this week was
Rob Green
Apologies from Tracey Rees, LeAnne Blakelock, Stuart Twaddle, Warren Poehler and Diane Poehler.
June & July Birthdays
Linda McIntyre ~ 5 July
June & July
Wedding Anniversaries
Graham & Jennie ~ 14.07.62
Joined Rotary in June & July
Stuart Twaddle ~ 01.07.90
Warren Poehler ~ 12.07.06
Graham Meads ~ 25.07.67
Kevin Walsh ~ 26.07.16
Jim Shepherd ~ 27.07.76
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Mel Cook – A wee quiz on who knew what backing bands performed for various lead singers. A bit harder than anticipated!
Bill O'Dowd – gave a quick run down on his ongoing health issues and we hope that he's turned a corner...............and heading in the right direction now!
Graham Meads - The trouble with life is, you are halfway through it before you discover its a do-it-yourself deal.
I hope you are enjoying reading the weekly bulletin. If you have any ideas on how we can improve on it please let me know and I would be very happy to implement if possible.
Some weeks we have little to no photos to include in the bulletin and when this happens I was thinking it would be nice if you would like to have a section for personal photos. Photos of perhaps personal projects, family celebrations, holidays and trips etc. This way we can all learn more about each other.  If you have photos you would like to include please email to me at
MEETING NOTES 29th June 2021:
MEMBERS PRESENT:                    
Members again met at the Fern Lodge (Top Pub) as the iron for the rest of the roof hadn't been delivered and Brian Mac is still working on the new meter board. No roof and no power means no hall available, but we hope next Monday the iron will be on-site, as will the roofers.
Changeover night has been postponed to the 20th July and numbers are required by Gloria as to who is going to Waitara on Wednesday 14th ( a mid-winter Christmas theme)
Rob Green was our guest and came to present on behalf of the Heritage Taranaki group and Heritage Month set for October.
Before Rob retired, he was a maths teacher at NP Boys High School and since retiring has become more interested in the history of Taranaki and has joined Heritage Taranaki. His forefathers arrived on the Amelia Thompson, the second ship to arrive at Ngamotu, arriving on 3rd September in 1841. Rob grew up on Raleigh Street at Brixton, not far from the site of the Te Kohia Pa, where the first shots were fired which signalled the start of the Taranaki Wars. Later the family moved to around the coast where they leased a West Coast Lease farm from where Rob went on to study and train as a mathematics teacher and much later become a historian.
Heritage New Zealand has grown out from what was the Historic Places Trust and the Taranaki Branch was created as Heritage Taranaki and are now developing the Heritage Trail - tracing the history of the Taranaki Wars.
Rob and Heritage Taranaki are launching their first Heritage Month in October, tracing and promoting the origins of the Taranaki Settlers as they moved north from Wanganui and through the wars that ensued. Rob's objective is to investigate who decides what our heritage should be and to this end, has met with Ruakere Hond (Parihaka), who suggested a panel discussion with Meng Foon, our Race Relations Conciliator. Everyone agrees that we have a rich but complex Taranaki history of which little is really understood. Rob questions why the book "The Great War for New Zealand - Waikato 1800-2000" does not reflect the conflicts in Taranaki, so Heritage Taranaki is inviting iwi and hapu to celebrate Heritage Month so that all parties can share their stories, so we have our 'own story'. 
Inglewood's story started when it was settled in 1973, firstly as Moatown, then Milton and soon after in 1975 as Inglewood. The Heritage Month celebrations will start with a powhiri at Waitara on October the 2nd and end on November 5th and during the month there will be the panel discussion, trips and displays available and trails to explore.
Rob is available for questions at or
Grant thanked Rob on behalf of the members present.
Lots of donations for a range of happiness and just one sad dollar.................
The only business of the night was the earlier update to the Rotary House roof project progress.
                         6th July - Fern Lodge club meeting
                        14th (Wednesday) July - club visit to Waitara RC - Christmas theme
                        20th July  -Changeover – possible zoom connection to Warren and Diane and Stuart
                        27th July - Tess and Jaala from Inglewood Unichem Chemist
Marinoto 50th Jubilee weekend celebrations at Inglewood Golf Club Saturday 18th September. Inglewood Rotary Club to take on role of organising the Silent Raffle. For the raffle we will need to seek several donated prizes so we can offer several silent auctions to be held on the night.
ROTTO:          Not drawn tonight.
Members News:
Leanne - Would still like to purloin some larger tupperware or storage containers, if anyone has any spare?
LeAnne needs them for helping families who need a leg up with some soup, casseroles and various food parcels.
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Tuesday 6th July 2021
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McIntyre, Donald
Wednesday 14th July 2021 - Club visit to Waitara RC
King, Noel
July 20th - Changeover Night
King, Noel
Walsh, Kevin
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O'Dowd, Gloria
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