Rotary House was first built in 1966 by the Inglewood Old Folks Association with the help and impetus of the then six-year-old Inglewood Rotary Club. In 2012 the OFA went into recess and transferred the hall "back" to the Inglewood Rotary Club to be maintained and cared for by the Club's Charitable Trust. Since then a new kitchen has been installed and this week, with the significant assistance of the Taranaki Electricity Trust and their generous grant, a new roof is about to be constructed over the flat-roofed area of the building. The flat roof has been leaking badly for some time and became worse last winter, as the butynol was failing after 25 years, having been renewed in the mid-1990's. This exciting project will allow interior decorating and some exterior painting to be done and bring the building back to life, once again offering a pleasant environment in which to meet. Work is expected to be complete by mid-June.